Here are a selection of screen shots from CreativeRail's first product; China Clay for Export. Deepest idyllic 1980's Cornwall has been faithfully recreated and includes one of the most important rail freight operations in Britain. Available now

route-map.jpg <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen30.jpg">Morning clay train passes the sleepy village at Golant</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen31.jpg">View of Milltown viaduct</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen32.jpg">View of Treffry Viaduct in the Luxulyan Valley</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen33.jpg">View from Treverrin Tunnel looking south towards Par</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen36.jpg">From Par, the climb up to Treverrin Tunnel</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/screen48.jpg">The Carne Point pilot manoeuvers loaded wagons towards the discharge shed</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen50.jpg">View from St Blazey yard towards the signalbox</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen51.jpg">View South from Lostwithiel Station</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen56.jpg">Rocks Dryers prepares another train of clay</a> <a href="gallery_images/china-clay-for-export/Screen61.jpg">A view of the clay works at night</a>