These images are all taken from our route 'East Coast (British Rail)' This route offers the full 116 mile run from Peterborough to York in stunning detail.

<a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen101.jpg">Over looking Doncaster Station, the famous locomotive works can be seen in the background.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen102.jpg">A busy scene at Doncaster Station looking south as trains are about to pass..</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen103.jpg">A typical view of Doncaster's sprawling Decoy Yard, with Carr Loco Depot in the background.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen104.jpg">Here is a look inside the vast Carriage and Wagon Works, located at doncaster.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen105.jpg">A rather sad looking Class 56 meets its maker at the rear of Doncaster's Plant Works..</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen106.jpg">View looking inside the iconic Crimpsall Locomotive Works at Doncaster.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen107.jpg">An Intercity 125 service pays a call at Grantham Station.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen108.jpg">A glimpse across Newark Station looking north.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen109.jpg">A view of Peterborough's light maintenance shed and yards .</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen110.jpg">An atmospheric look at Retford Station at dusk.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen111.jpg">Selby's iconic swingbridge takes centre stage as a local stopping service leaves Selby station.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen112.jpg">An fine view of Holgate bridge at York looking south.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen114.jpg">A classic photographer's view of York's platform 9 as Deltic 'The Durham light Infantry' prepares to get back under way.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen115.jpg">Double headed class 37's head north past York's vast yards..</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-coast/screen116.jpg">A rather misty view of York from the southern approach.</a>