Our latest project is currently in development, and as the name suggests, it is a freight line that recreates the once huge coal mining industry. The "merry-go-round" system is brought back to life allowing users to help keep the lights on as vital coal supplies require delivery to the local powerstation.

<a href="gallery_images/east-midlands-coal/screen70.jpg">Map overview of the brand new East Midlands Coal route.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-midlands-coal/screen71.jpg">A busy night at Shirebrook depot with class 56 and 37 locos receiving attention.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-midlands-coal/screen72.jpg">Typical view of Shirebrook depot at a weekend.  A large selection of locos take a well earned rest until their next turn of duty.</a> <a href="gallery_images/east-midlands-coal/screen73.jpg">Overlooking Shirebrook Station's signalbox, with a line up of class 56 locos.</a>