East Coast Modern

Britain's premier East Coast Main Line route comes to Dovetail Games Train Simulator with stunning levels of detail.

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A few screen-shots from East Coast Modern

CreativeRail's East Coast Modern offers users around 120 miles of overhead electrified lines to explore between Peterborough and York, which forms the central portion of the iconic East coast Main Line.

This route requires additional rolling stock packs.

In an effort to make the included scenarios more engaging, we have used rolling stock that many users will already have in their collections. This also allows for a more accurate representation of what appears on this high-speed route. Please ensure that you have these packs installed before considering buying this route. The required packs are as follows:

Class 91 here
Class 158 here
Class 66 EWS here
European Loco and Asset pack here

The route has been painstakingly researched and hundreds of custom assets have been created to fully recreate this much loved area and enable users to immerse themselves within an accurate and recognisable enviroment.

Included with 'East Coast Modern' are 10 engaging scenarios, plus quick-drives, that visit all the different towns and cities along the route including York, Selby, Doncaster, Retford, Newark, Grantham and Peterborough.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Doncaster's 'Plant' works and container terminal have been faithfully recreated, together with traincare facilites at York, Peterborough and Doncaster. The scale of this route has been described as epic, but so are the endless possibilities that are offered to users to create their own scenarios to fully utilise their own rolling stock collections.

The chosen era for the included scenarios is the Intercity Swallow period of the 1990's, although the way that the route has been constructed allows enough flexibility to reproduce convincing era's seen in the 2000's and beyond, should that be where you're most interested.

» Download the East Coast Modern manual here