East Coast Modern

Britain's modern-day East Coast Main Line route comes to Train Simulator 2015 with stunning levels of detail.

Available: Autumn


A few screen-shots from East Coast Modern

Our very popular East Coast Main Line route has been brought right up to date with this modern-day representation of Peterborough to Newark as it appears today. 44 miles of this iconic route are brought to life and feature all the latest innovations that are included in Train Simulator 2015.

The route encompasses the historic run from Peterborough, Grantham and Newark Northgate, a stretch of line where 'Mallard' set the world's fastest speed by a steam locomotive, and features line speeds offering 125m.p.h. limits for High Speed Train services. So whether you want to rip up the miles or take a slower freight train, you are fully catered for.

Included with the package are 5 engaging scenarios that will test your skills to the full, but beware, this is a route that has to be learnt - just like the real crews. Some of the included scenarios use RSC's early version of the Class 66 (Not the Settle and Carlisle version). There are alternative scenarios that contain only default stock so anyone that doesn't have the class 66 can still enjoy all the included scenarios.

New users of Train Simulator 2015 may not have some scenic items that are used in this route and are no longer available, but if you have the following routes then the aforementioned scenic pack will already be installed on your system. The routes are:

  • The Woodhead Line
  • Portsmouth Direct
  • Northeast Corridor
  • Horseshoe Curve
  • Doncaster Works
  • Falmouth Branch
  • WCML Over Shap
  • Western Lines of Scotland
  • Pietermaritzburg to Ladysmith

  • Added to the mix, varying weather conditions and differing times of day all help to make this a very rich experience from the cab or flying along outside.

    Route requirements.

    The European pack is required for this route and is available from steam. Please find link below. Customers that have added some european routes may already have the Euro pack. Check our support page for full details.

    Don't delay - treat yourself to the experience that'll put a smile on your face.

    » European pack for new users of TS2015. Check our support page to see if you need it.here