Route Builder Pack 1

A selection of free assets for anyone to use in their own projects, courtesy of CreativeRail

Available Soon


A selection of images of the asset pack 1

CreativeRail have revealed that their first route builder pack will be free to everyone that registers on the website.

This pack represents the quality that is associated with CreativeRail and the included items will enhance anyone's route.

The pack has been designed to include objects and buildings seen the length and breadth of the UK, and will add a higher level of detail to help bring a sense of reality to your scene.

What is in the pack? Here is the full list: GWR Signalbox, Yard Floodlight, Platelayer hut, Corrigated hut, Water closet, Diesel storage tank, Oil tank, Portable cabin, Trolley tractor, Brute trolley, Post office trolley.

We hope you are pleased with the quality of this pack, although it is a giveaway, the same attention to detail has been used in the production as products that appear in our payware routes.