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Please find below a list of the frequently asked questions that should answer your query.

I can't find my download link or not received it?

The download link and other support emails may have gone to your junk mail folder of your email client. This should be the first place that you look if you haven't heard from us.

How do I install an RWP file since the update to Train Simulator 2017?

The package manager and other utilities have been separated from the launch of the simulator. To launch the utilities follow these simple instructions:-

  1. Right-click the windows start icon in bottom left of your screen and click explore to open the explorer window.
  2. Navigate to your Railworks installation in the left pane. It should look similiar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\railworks.
  3. Click on the railworks folder to display the contents in the right-hand pane. Scroll down to find the file 'Utilities.exe' and double click it to launch the utilities screen.
  4. Click on the package manager tab to then install the RWP file as normal.

Can I make a desktop shortcut to the utilities screen?


  1. Simply navigate to the utilities.exe file as explained above.
  2. Right click and hold, then drag to desktop and release. From the popup menu click - 'create desktop shortcut' and you're good to go.

What do I need to run your products?

For new users that start out with Train Simulator 2016 installed will require the Euro Loco and Asset pack from Steam in order to enjoy our products. This is currently available at 11.99. Available from here
Any users that have purchased the following routes will be able to run CreativeRail products without any further assets required, so if you have:

  • East Coast Main Line (York - Newcastle)
  • Great Western Main Line
  • Somerset and Dorset Railway
  • Ruhr - Seig Line

All these routes include the European pack.

I can't find my route from drive menu.

We recommend that you bypass the drive selection method of TS2017 to quickly find the scenario you wish to load. To do this, follow these simple instructions:-

  1. From main menu, click build, followed by scenario tab. Scroll until you see your desired route, then click to select it. All scenarios for the route are shown below. Click to select which scenario to load, then edit button (bottom right-hand corner).
  2. Once scenario has loaded, simply click large orange arrow to start the scenario (bottom right-hand corner).

More Questions?

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